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These last few weeks tend to be full of stress and looking back but also generosity. However, everyone's year was different - some have spent it worrying, some took their life on ease, Mr.Wood had his own life troubles, as usual. One thing is for sure though - I will remember it for a really long time.

I am not a big fan of competitions, neither do I think I have luck in cards. But it's not a big deal. I have decided to give it a try and be playful, even though I will do it on my own terms. I took it as an opportunity to show gratitude to all my customers who have supported me throughout the year and give them something special, something that no other person has: The “Mr.Wood x Dominika Žáková” pegboard.


Two beautiful pegboards were born during the hot sunny months in summer. They are kind of special and that's the reason why I adore them. To create them, I joined forces with Dominika Žáková, a young slovak artist. I gave her a piece of plywood to work on and she transformed it into these colorful pegboards.

I have also visited Dominika in her studio and we made some amazing pictures in collaboration with Hemmet.sk - find more pictures here capturing her at work and with the end result. Her small studio is full of positive energy and colors. And God knows, I love colors. It was a pleasure to watch someone create a piece of art, because I love to create as well.

We were a perfect match. Enough of talking.

How can you win one of these pegboards?
It’s really easy and there’s even a chance you’re already in the run. The only requirement is to make an order on www.mrwoodshop.com. If you have already done so, good for you. But I won't stop you from ordering some new cool stuff. Because, you know, it's Christmas time. At the beginning of 2017 I will choose one winner, who will get this really special pegboard, to hang it on his or her wall, to live with it, to be happy every time they look at it.


At the very end, I would like to thank everyone who worked and collaborated with me. It would not be possible without you. And I hope, in 2017 we will be doing bigger and better things together.

Zolo Kis - Mr.Wood
Special thanks to Zuzka, Jakub, Norika, Dominika, Frankie, Adam, Viktor H., Erik, Milan, Jožko, Peťo

December 05, 2016 by Zolo Kis

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